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¿Cómo cambiar letra y color en HTML?

Font color css

Hi Everyone, I am not able to change the font color following steps in (23:33) My HTML code: <font color=»@{if(equals(item()?[‘RA Total’],’0′),’red’,’black’)}»>@{item()?[‘RA Total’]}</font> Displayed result in email: <font color=»black»>0</font> Seems like the result returns as text instead of font color change.

Hi @Expiscornovus Appreciate your reply but it’s not working. Email Result remains the same in text format:My Flow:<p style=»color:@{if(equals(item()?[‘RA Total’],’0′),’red’,’black’)}»>@{item()?[‘RA Total’]}</p>

@JAWL- you should use @Expiscornovus suggestion where Reza cleans the HTML. <font color=»@{if(equals(item()?[‘Potential Risk’],’No’),’red’,’green’)}»>@{item()?[‘Potential Risk’]}</font>I initialized my own array so item() is referring to variables(‘myArray’) you would use your appropriate dynamic values.

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To set the font color in HTML, use the style attribute. The style attribute specifies an inline style for an element. The attribute is used with the HTML <p> tag, with the CSS property color. HTML5 do not support the <font> tag, so the CSS style is used to add font color. The <font> tag deprecated in HTML5.Just keep in mind, the usage of style attribute overrides any style set globally. It will override any style set in the HTML <style> tag or external style sheet.ExampleYou can try to run the following code to set font color in HTML −Live Demo<!DOCTYPE html>

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As already mentioned on the font size page, you should not be using the <font> tag anymore, for all sorts of reasons. Please read that discussion before using any of the code below. There’s still lots to learn on this page, you’re just, hopefully, going to be using this knowledge in a better way later along the line.

Changing the font of your text is easy. The command used is, yes, <font>, with any changes being made through attributes. First off, if you make no changes at all, your text will probably look like this:

which isn’t really the most beautiful or suitable font in the world because it was really designed for reading off paper, not computer screens. So, you want to change it to something more readable and nicer looking.

Have a look in your fonts folder (on a PC it’s C:\windows\fonts). You should have a couple of dozen different fonts in there. Some will be more suitable than others and some you will use again and again. One of the most common fonts used on the net is Arial, which is the font I use here on HTML Source. To change text to Arial, or any other font, the tags are

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Editing HTML in a text editor is not like editing a document and changing preferences in a Microsoft Word document. There are two ways to change the font color of a table created with HTML. If you want to change the color of a single line of text, you can use the «<font>» tag to define the color. Alternatively, if you have multiple cells or rows or want to change the color of the entire table, you can use CSS style tags.

Insert «<font color=»colorname»>» (without the quotes on the ends) before the text, where «colorname» is the name of the color you want the text to be. Use the «</font>» tag after the string of text. For example, to change the font color to purpose you would type the command below. <font color=»purple»>Purple Text</font>

Place your text insertion point in the <tr> tag of the table row you want to change and alter it to «<tr style=»color:colorname»>,» (without the quotes on the ends) where «colorname» is the color you want the text to be. For example, to change the text color to purple type the command below. <tr style=»color:purple»>

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